Outdoor and terrace areas are safer.

literature; It has the best view of the Bosphorus, the historical peninsula and the junction of the Golden Horn, and has been serving its guests since 2003 as a four-season terrace with its wide view of the islands and more.

The venue has made a difference in its sector in all its preparations for the new normal normal cycle, and has taken all the measures at the highest level so that the guests who come to the venue can feel safe.

  • Disinfectant on all floors, elevator entrances and exits
  • Distance rules
  • Digital menu
  • Service under the control of a food engineer
  • Ensuring the hygiene of table services with transparent covers
  • Serving orders with special covers
  • Hygiene mat at the entrance

In the menu of Litera Restaurant, which has been serving the distinguished tastes of Neo-Classical Turkish and World cuisine to its customers since 2002; There are Turkish appetizers, Spanish Tapas, German, Austrian and Hungarian cuisine, variations from Mediterranean cuisine and Vegan/Vegetarian food options.

In Litera, which is open every day of the week except Sundays (for special occasions), you can spend your social time with your friends and taste international cocktails with its hot and cold beverage menu at all hours of the day. You can have a pleasant time with live music nights and DJ performances on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings at Litera, which offers its guests not only taste and scenery but also music-filled evenings.

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